Adoration, or something similar? Non-Catholic Christians please Chime in....

Just a quick question, do any other non-Catholic Christian churches that believe in the real presence have Adoration of the Eucharist, or something similar. This has become one of my favorite devotions lately. I love praying the entire rosary while adoring our Lord.

Funny I just had this discussion a month or so ago with someone who I am sure will chime in on this :wink:

Some Anglo-Catholics practice it.

Look at Sacrament Exposed and blessing. You will also notice kneeling.

God bless

There are some, not many, Lutherans who have a tabernacle and practice Eucharistic adoration. Most, however, confine adoration to the sacramental act itself - during the celebration of the Eucharist.


I think some Anglicans do, but I don’t know how they do it or what they do for Eucharistic Adoration.

I have been inside the TAC church in our community, and I know they have a tabernacle. Whether or not they have times for adoration, I don’t know.


My old anglo-catholic parish had a tabernacle with a candle to indicate the host was therein, and the Episcopal priest elevated the host during consecration, and I believe held some sort of eucharistic procession at least once while I was there. However, I do not remember eucharistic adoration being specifically taught or encouraged, and it was definitely not scheduled. I do not recall ever seeing a monstrance displaying a host anywhere. The reverence for the liturgy was something to be admired, however.

Yeah, admittedly, my source is Wikipedia:

I was looking it up to get a bit of backround on the Latin Rite side and also see if Eastern Rite has it. The Wiki entry says some Anglican churches do as well. I guess it depends on the church. :confused:

In Anglicanism, everything depends on the church (the parish). The entire spectrum of Christianity, from pre-VII Catholic worship to Eastern mysticism, Protestant puritanism to New Age self-centeredness, Emergent Church house-meetings to praise and worship sing-a-longs, etc, etc, can be found in one parish or another in the Episcopal church, in my experience. And yes, some parishes practice Adoration.

Saint Andrew’s episcopal church (anglican) when it was run by the Order of the Holy Family (a very intersting group who had denim habits, the peace cross as their symbol and wore tonsures and had High Mass at one time everyday) had benediction on Sunday afternoons in Spanish because Saint Mary the Virgin (nicknamed smoky Mary’s because of all the incense) did it in English at the same time. Last I knew Abbot Jon Aiden OHF took his whole group lock stock and barrel to New Mexico & haven’t heard about them since.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful

 Yes, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you urge non-Catholic Christians to chime in, so here goes.

  I am a 'big tent' Christian, which is to say that I try my best to honor the different expressions of the faith. Personally, I am what many would call a 'liberal Protestant' in that I do not find either legalistic, ritualistic practices or Biblical fundamentalism attractive.

  As for what we sometimes refer to as 'high church', whenever I attend a Catholic or a high Episcopal Church (such as 'Smoky Mary's' near Times Square, an Anglo-Catholic parish) I feel like - sorry - I am at a medieval ceremony, that I am witnessing an ancient rite that might have attracted me 1000 years ago when there were so many superstitions, before the microscope and telescope, but seems alien to me today. The Adoration of the Holy Sacrament is among those ancient practices that I find interesting from an historic point of view but not one I could indulge in today. Frankly, such traditions seem like idolatry, giving too much respect to graven images. On the other hand, I know that sincere worshipers don't regard them that way and try my best to appreciate their perspective.

   At the same time, I have trouble with Bible-pounding preachers who lift up this or that Bible verse to threaten us with hell fire, anticipate the Second Coming "anytime now" and seem to delight in anticipating Armageddon with its massive slaughter. They also applaud when Saul "kills his thousands but David kills his ten thousands", actually believe that the God of love commanded Joshua to slay everyone in Jericho, told Saul to murder every last Amalekite, etc. No wonder we get into all these wars! But I can't believe Jesus would sanction such wanton violence. And what about the Ten Commandments?

   God bless Catholics, Protestants, Jews and others of every faith who seek to serve God in spirit and in truth. May religion become a bridge and not a barrier! And may we have peace in our lives, in our homes, and in our war-weary world.

Yes Roy we are all aware that there is a large percentage of Protestants who do not practice this. This thread is about those who do though.

God bless

Roy5, I didn’t take your post to be disrespectful. :slight_smile:

[red bolded emphasis mine]

Let me just say that I actually like all that “medieval stuff.” :smiley: And you’re correct, it is a ritual, a very ancient ritual. I will be going today, infact, for Eucharistic Adoration. I can’t wait!

That being said, I enjoyed your post. I have learned a lot here about how Protestants view Catholics, Catholicism, it’s theology and their own take on what we do and the Bible. Very interesting stuff, I must say.

Two points.

(1) I thought that all non-Christians were invited to chime in. Sorry I participated.

(2) I would guess that 99% of Protestant Christians don't have Eucharistic Adoration. A few Anglo-Catholics might. I don't know about the Eastern Orthodox and will be interested to see how they respond to the question. 

 God bless the whole world - no exceptions. May religion help bring peace among us not continue to promote bigotry and arrogance.

God bless you

=1edyson;5493710]Just a quick question, do any other non-Catholic Christian churches that believe in the real presence have Adoration of the Eucharist, or something similar. This has become one of my favorite devotions lately. I love praying the entire rosary while adoring our Lord.

Thankyou and may God continue to so bless you:)

***My understanding is that only the Methotist church [outside the embrace of the Catholic Church] claims this belief, and they are wrong in doing so as they do not have [impossible to obtain some 1,700 years later] direct Apolostolic Succession.

The common belief is “a reminder,” “a symbol”, “a sign”, and for them they are correct; that is all they have. Catholics have the Real Physical Christ, really, truly and substanually present to us in His Live Glorified Bosy. Amen:thumbsup: :smiley: ***

Love and prayers,

If the title of the thread were worded slightly differently, I would, myself. As is, I concur with your observation and examples.


Anglicanus Catholicus

I am assuming that “this belief” you are referring to is the belief in the Real Presence? If it is; Anglicans and Lutherans (as well as Methodists too) believe in the Real Presence.

God bless you

The light indicated the Blessed Body was present, not the host.

You can find monstrances, scheduled Bendiction and Adoration, etc. at various Anglican parishes, Anglicans being what they are.


** Adoration, or something similar? Non-Catholic Christians please Chime in…**

Of course I caught myself after re-reading the title and my original post in which I used, “Anglo-Catholic”. I just caught myself to late to edit. Pencil’s have erasers. Computers have timed edit. :blush:

By the way Oddie’s Chesterton and the Romance of Orthodoxy is on its way as we speak :thumbsup:

God bless

I await your reaction to Oddie. I hope you find it as I did.

St. Clement’s sure is beautiful.


*Anglicanus Catholicus

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