Adoration Question - Newbie Here

So I signed up for Adoration for the first time after coming home. They were looking for people to each sign up for one hour to be with our Lord in the Sacrament.

My question is this - is this prayer only time, or is some scripture reading allowed? I’ll try to contact the priest, but it can be hit an miss, and today is the day.


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You may pray any way you wish to: private prayers, rosary, your own private thoughts, or just sit and look at the Blessed Sacrament in a loving way.

Scripture reading is good, especially if done in a thoughtful way.

Some wish to take in a notebook and write down the thoughts that come to them during that time.

It is required that silence be kept so that others are undisturbed.

A double genuflection should be done when entering the pew and exiting.

Saying the rosary while pondering the mysteries for 15 minutes has a full pardon indulgence attached if the usual conditions are met.

It is one of the best hours you will spend in your week.

Silent contemplation, prayer, scripture reading, devotional reading, etc… all allowed. The point is to spend time with Jesus, so ideally what you do should aid that in some way.

Thanks! It’s listed as Adoration and Benediction if that matters.

“Benediction” generally refers to the short ceremony/ prayer service performed by the priest before the attendees in connection with the exposition of the Host. So if your adoration hour happens to coincide with a scheduled benediction time, then you can participate in that. The directions for the congregation to participate in Benediction are usually in the missalette.

It can be very fulfilling. Enjoy your time with the Lord!

Yes and yes. :wink:

Reading Scripture is prayer. It’s actually a very important component of prayer. Prayer is a dialogue. Reading Scripture is how we most often hear God’s side of the conversation. :slight_smile:

Prayers are ascending for you.

The replies here are excellent. Nonetheless, I do have some additional information like – What does one do when the bats are flying?

If you are interested, please let me know what hour you adore. Also, are you in a separate chapel or in a room in a building? Are there other Adorers, like visitors, coming when you do? We have more than one scheduled Adorer for some hours.

Being in the arms of the Good Shepherd during Eucharistic Adoration …

I start at 1:00 today - headed out!!!

Thank you!

Hoping you will share how your hour went later if you
get a chance. There are many good little booklets to read about Eucharistic Adoration. And prayers also to say while at Adoration.
Does your parish have a library. Maybe you can look for some.
Our Adoration Chapel has a small bookcase filled with books to read or prayers to say.
I journal, read, say the Rosary, light a candle, sit in silence - any of these during the hour. It goes too quickly.

Thank you all! It was an excellent hour - some in prayer, some in scripture reading. I felt like He showed me that the Church, on the day of Pentecost, was actually started with a sacrament.

The wind and tongues of fire were a visible sign that gave grace. It was awesome, as I had struggled with sacraments in the past.

Also part way thru the Church maintenance guy came in and started fixing something, sounded like it was with duct tape - loud!:eek::shrug:. I guess he’s not Catholic. For a few seconds I got upset - than I smiled and laughed and prayed for him.

Was a good day!

Glad you enjoyed the Holy Hour! Keep going back!

It’s nice to see someone enthusiastic about adoration. For many of us this is a skill/ wisdom that had to be learned, how to sit quietly with the Lord. But once learned it’s truly a joy. :slight_smile:

Good to hear it went well for you! :thumbsup:

Here is a podcast dealing with the 6 stages of Eucharistic Adoration by Dr. Tom Curran.

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