Adoration question?

Is it possible to sign up for adoration hour at a church one isn’t registered with of or must one do so only at the church to which one is registered? Just thinking of adding an hour at a church close to where I work?

I don’t see why not.

I would go to different churches and chapels whenever I had the opportunity to go to Adoration. I would sign in when I went.

I wasn’t registered with any of the parishes where I went. I would just go whenever I was able to go.

If you want to sign up for a regular hour at the church closest to your job, you will probably see a sign-up sheet in the church when you go.

There should be a contact number for those doing holy hours. You could probably call the person in charge, whose name is listed on the sheet, in order to sign up for a particular day and time, if you wanted to do that.

Or, you could call the parish office and find out who the contact person is for Adoration in that parish.

The adoration chapel where I’m signed up for, isn’t my parish.

The chapel was opened about 15 years ago, and they asked all the parishes in the area to help provide adorers.

So, my wife and myself did it for 10 years, then gave it up for 3, now I’m back.


I know of no requirement that you be from the parish - they do not make that a requirement to receive any of the Sacraments, and adoration is not a sacrament. Unless there is s shortage and names are asked for to fill the roster, you need not sign up at all. Just drop in when you have the desire. If you notice that the roster is a little sparse, you might just place your name and the hour(s) you are there on the roster so that Father can see that others are also there.

Thanks all for the replies.

If you are drawn to adoration, you have received a wonderful grace from God!

I’m quite certain you can sign up there. It amazed me that even before I was Catholic they asked me if I would be willing to come for an hour to adore our Lord (I’d been coming quite regularly)

I pray so often for more to come to adore…it still bothers me sometimes that there aren’t more…after all, HE’S THERE WAITING for us!

His blessings,


You can sign up for adoration at any Catholic church. You are not required to be registered at the church where you do adoration. Feel free to do so. I’m sure the parish will appreciate your efforts.

The only reason I might think they would prefer you be a member is if you were going after hours, and the adoration chapel/location is locked and requires a code to get in. I do not know if my parish gives it out to non-parishioners; you have to get it from the office. We have a separate adoration chapel from the Church building.

Good point, but can in our small community our parish is open 24 hrs. a day! ( I once came in the moring to find someone sleeping in our " cry" room on a couch, but gratefully no problems- praise God! I love knowing I can come any time!


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