Adoration,reparation,spiritual motherhood for priests


I would recommend this booklet coming from the Congregation for the Clergy the link is; (or Google the above title)It can be read as is or printed off.It is probably the most inspiring set of articles I have read for many a year!!! I won’t quote from it as I just read the Forum Rules!!! I would be interested what others think.May Mary,Mother of the One,Eternal High Priest inspire you to read it.


I agree 100%. I have read this again and again for inspiration ever since it came out. Who could read the story of Bishop Ketteler and the lay sister whose prayers secured his vocation, and argue that his vocation had more dignity than hers? Any of these „womanpriests“ or „lay initiative“ propagators who can read this with a dry eye, must belong to some other religion entirely.



Thank you Hlafdige,
I was so impressed by that story too,we in society seem to admire the strong,heathy and well respected persons.We look on the outside, but God looks at our heart(May God have mercy on me,a sinner!!)
Reading the booklet for the first time a few months back and reading about Consolata Betrone. I remembered an event that happened in my life ,years ago.I somewhere got a pamphlet or in a magazine saying how powerful the prayer was “Jesus,Mary I love you save souls”.I got in the habit of praying this aspiration on my rosary beads.One night I was walking home late at night from work when I was approached by an older man looking for a homosexual encounter,I was about 22years of age at that time.Thankfully by the grace of God,I have never been attracted to this evil sin.I started to pray to myself,Jesus,Mary I love you save souls,I told him that I was a Catholic and I did not approve of this behavior.I sat down and chattered with him.I told him that Jesus can help him change and asked him to repeat after me,Jesus,Mary I love you,save souls.We said this pray together through the whole beads of the rosary.I think that he was a lapsed catholic.Since he was a "down & out “street person I gave him some money-gave him a hug and I left. I always wondered what become of him,I suspect that he would be dead by now–I will have to remember him in my prayers.So that is an earlier grace I received through the servant of God Consolata Betrone,I thought that I would like to share it with you,you are the first one that I have told,–it was an unusual encounter.
I was so impressed by this booklet that I ordered 400 copies,250 I sent to individuals in a prayer group .I got a letter back from a lady saying how thrilled with joy she was, to receive it.The reason being that her maternal grandmother was one of the women who helped Msgr.Alessandro Canora the parish priest of LU Monferrato organize the parish to gather every Tuesday to pray in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament for vocations(and this lady lives on the other side of the world )
I wonder when we shall get those priests that Veneral Louise Margaret Claret De La Touche had in her locution(did she not have a long name!!-looks rather grim in the picture-smiling for photos was taboo in those days,though I know she was full of fun–most saints are!!) Our Lord said"Nineteen centuries ago,twelve men changed the world,they were not mearly men,but they were priests.Now,once more twelve priests could change the world…but they must be holy” and ending "they must be united amongst themselves,having one heart and one soul,and never impeding one another in their activies"
I wonder Hlafdge, when we will see this happen.I do hope this is not too deep for you I noticed that you are a younger member.Though King David was in his youth when he was selected for Gods’mission.( also St.Bernadette.Bl.Jacinta,Francesco and soon Lucia.just to name a few)
May The Mother of the Eternal Priest and Victim ask her Son Jesus to Bless you in every way-----God Bless


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