Adoration - to kneel or not to kneel?

Since we kneel during the consecration, I thought we should also kneel during adoration but I noticed several people sitting. I’m not judging them at all… I’m just confused… is it ok to sit during adoration?

Yes it is perfectly fine to sit during exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, but when passing in front of the Eucharist you should genuflect with either right knee alone or with both knees in adoration of Christ our God.

I kneel in prayer for a little while when I arrive, and again before I leave. But if I am going to be there for a while, I sit. I may write in my prayer journal, read though an examination of conscience, or just sit.

Well, we stand and turn to say “howdy” to our neighbors right after the consecration, don’t we? More seriously though, when Christ is exposed, we’re to kneel - both knees - when passing Him, upon entering/leaving the Chapel or nave. When He’s beind the Tabernacle, we do a one-knee genuflection. If we choose to not kneel the whole time, it is no sin (as far as I know).

Thanks y’all. :thumbsup:

One knee is fine.

If the Blessed Sacrament is exposed we should enter and exist the area by kneeling – in essence genuflecting on both knees.

While we are in His exposed Presence, it is perfectly OK to stand, sit or kneel.

Actually when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed we are to kneel (genuflect with both knees.)

Actually, no we are not.

CHAPTER III - Forms Of Worship Of The Eucharist 
1. Exposition Of The Holy Eucharist 
II. Regulations For Exposition 
84. Genuflection in the presence of the blessed sacrament, whether reserved in the tabernacle or exposed for public adoration, **is on one knee.**
85. For exposition of the blessed sacrament in the monstrance, four to six candles are lighted, as at Mass, and incense is used. For exposition of the blessed sacrament in the ciborium, at least two candles should be lighted and incense may be used.

Thank you for posting the reference, maryjk. This is what we were taught in my parish (we have a 24-hour Adoration Chapel). One knee. Both knees are OK, too, but the correct reverence is one knee.

Maybe soon we won’t even have to bow to Jesus…:confused: Sad days…

The lay people (lectors, cantors, EMHC) don’t genuflect when they enter the sanctuary in my parish. Is this proper?

A solemn, low bow is appropriate.

They don’t even do that.

Then yes, that’s bad.

Genuflecting is a much more reverent gesture. If the intention is to acknowledge our Saviour, shouldn’t we be using such?

Shouldn’t we all have knees that work?

I wish.

The important posture is the posture of the heart.

It is actually very difficult and humbling to not be able to kneel because the non-kneeler inevitably calls attention to themselves and that is upsetting and depressing and makes the painful knees even more painful.

When I bow instead of genuflect or kneel, I suspect that there are probably those watching who are condemning me in their thoughts, since I don’t look like a person with bad knees. I am a fat woman, so I suspect that there are those who are thinking, “Why doesn’t she lose some of that weight and then she would be able to behave properly in the Lord’s Presence?”

They don’t realize that even when I was young and thin, I had painful knees.

Then to my dismay and distress, I realize that I shouldn’t be thinking at all about what others think of me, but instead, I should concentrate on the Lord. As the song says, “Let’s forget about ourselves, and concentrate on Him, and worship Him.”

I would much rather be able to just kneel or genuflect and not call any attention to myself or offend anyone who is scrupulous about the proper positions of reverence in the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

But I can’t.

That being said, may I ask, please, that we all just leave each other alone and stop criticizing and nitpicking each other’s behavior in the Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament unless the behavior is blatently offensive or insulting to the Lord and others? Thank you so much.

If someone is unable to kneel or genuflect then they are exempt. However, I’m referring to the perfectly abled and greater post-Vatican II of lacking in reverence towards Christ. Postures can be symbols and a reflection of our attitude towards God.

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