Adoration to the Sacred Heart


I have a small book of prayers for the adoration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and even a small statue of Christ’s Sacred Heart, but I admit I do not know how to do the devotions properly. Is there a certain way to show Adoration to the Sacred Heart? Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks!


I like to adore Christ’s Sacred Heart by praying the Litany of the Sacred Heart before Christ’s Eucharistic Heart.


I believe you just pray the devotions. Maybe you are also thinking of the 12 promises that Jesus gave to St Margaret Mary for those Devoted to His Sacred Heart. What you do is go to Mass every first friday of each month for 9 months, receive Holy Communion and go to confession (you have 8 days to fufill the confession). Go to this website to read more about devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and also the 12 promises. I hope this helps.


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