Adoration within Mass

Is it allowed to have a lengthened period of Eucharistic Adoration within Mass? Perhaps immediately after the Great Amen, and before the Our Father and the Communion Rite?

No. At least not in the way you’ve described it. It has to happen outside of Mass.

However, one could see the elevation of the Host and Chalice immediately after the consecrations as very brief moments of adoration, or even the elevation at “Behold the Lamb of God…” but not in the sense of being seperate liturgical services.

See canon 941 §2. Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament is not to be held in the same area of the church or oratory during the celebration of Mass.

Granted, the canon is talking about 2 seperate services happening at the same time, but from that it’s safe to say that there can’t be an interruption of Mass for the pupose of holding adoration.

There can be Adoration immediately after the post-communion prayer, so in that sense, we might look at this as a single liturgical service, because the final blessing would not come until the end of the period of adoration.

Thank you Father David, that answers my question very well.

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