Everyone please go
To Adoration at least once a week. You. May seem fidgety at first but pray. Ask the holy Spirit to reveal Himself to you. It will be the best hour of your week. It brought me into the Church



This is a good suggestion. I try to go once a day. But I am lucky and live close to an adoration chapel.


We are working on a project in my parish to begin eucharistic Adoration each First Saturday of the month, beginning on July 7! We have enough paricipants to satisfy Father’s concerns about the Blessed Sacrament being left unattended. WAY more than enough! Spending quiet time with Jesus is thrilling. Being there with Him in solitude is pure joy. I love to go SON Bathing in His glorious presence! The best way to strengthen our faith and grow in His love is to spend time with Him. :heaven:


My church has two hours of adoration every Friday. I go every Friday and I stay for the entire two hours. I wish it were longer. It feels like ten minutes to me.

The priests who do the exposition and repose love it that I’m at adoration every week, since they know the Blessed Sacrament will never be alone. Bizarrely (to me anyway), I’m the only one in the parish who adores weekly *and *from exposition to repose.

I can’t imagine a week without adoration. One time recently, the priest who was supposed to expose and repose the Blessed Sacrament never showed up. (We waited for him outside the locked chapel for 45 minutes; someone called him but he didn’t answer his phone.) I was so sad not to have been able to adore that week.

So yes, go to Him. Stay an hour. Then two. Then more (if possible). You may eventually find, as I do, that once you’ve entered the chapel you just don’t want to leave. :slight_smile:


So many do not know how VERY powerful this is and the evil wants it to stay that way. We must get this message out to everyone!!! The evil one tends to keep us busy and we must rearrange our priorities.

My prayers for others to know how special & strengthening this is!



Each parish in our diocese has Adoration at least one day a month. Many, including mine, have it for 24-hours. Thus there is always adoration someplace in the diocese. The intention is to pray for more vocations.

My parish also has it for 24-hours Friday morning to Saturday morning.

We have recently added two hours of adoration [7-9 am] between the two morning masses on MTWTF.

The Knights of Columbus provide at least one man for each of the night time hours.


Thank you for this thread. It is extremely important and I’m glad you’ve reminded us of it. :gopray:


I don't go regularly because my schedule changes but if I ever leave work early, my first thought is to go to adoration. :thumbsup: I don't know if anything is "happening" to me when I go (although by faith, I do believe Jesus is silently communicating with me in some way), but I do enjoy going.


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