Every weekday in my parish we have the benediction of the blessed sacrament. I just kind of sit there and stare at the monstrance. What are we supposed to do? Are there special prayers for that time? I guess I could start taking my rosary and praying the divine mercy chaplet.



I assume you’re talking about ‘adoration’, not ‘benediction’. (Benediction can happen as part of adoration – it’s when the priest or deacon takes the Eucharist in the monstrance and blesses the people with it.)

So, during adoration, there aren’t any prescribed prayers, per se. This is a time for you to spend with Jesus in the sacrament as you wish. Praying a rosary or a chaplet, spending some time in silence, doing lectio divina, or in contemplation – all are good ways to spend your time in adoration.

Hope this helps…



you can do anything you wish. pray, read, or just sit there and gaze at Him. just being there in His presence to keep company with Him is a pray in itself. i do that sometimes, i just gaze at Him. it is honestly the most fruitful thing for me. i could sit there and pray and pray and get nothing and then just look at the Most Precious Body and be so filled with faith… it’s amazing

As above.

It is worth considering that it is a time also to let Him talk to you. Sometimes reciting prayers during such a time doesn’t give God much chance to talk to you.

In the Blessed Sacrament, many people look at Christ and see only bread. What we are called to do is to look at the accidents of bread and see Christ.

God is due the following five things from us, in order*:

  1. Adoration
  2. Praise
  3. Thanksgiving
  4. Propitiation for our sins
  5. Petition

Naturally, we often reverse this order. When the Blessed Sacrament is exposed (or even in the Tabernacle), if you do not sense that you are in the presence of Greatness; if you do not recognize that what you see before you is your Lord; if you do not believe that the Eucharist is living, then I can recommend a great little book for you: 7 Secrets of the Eucharist by Vinny Flynn.

Set aside an hour to sit with our Lord. You need not pray, but only adore Him. It sounds like you may have some reservation about His True Presence. If you do, tell Himm face to face. Let Him know of your difficulties. Ask Him to reveal His presence. Then, just sit and be patient as our Lord has been patient with you.

You might be amazed sooner, or you might be amazed later. But, once you are amazed, you will be changed.

**Hi Bill,
It used to be when I went for my hour, I would first say the Rosary, then read a
spiritual book for the rest of the time. Then one day it dawned on me,
that I was there with Jesus, and I was reading in front of him. If it were Jesus there
in person, I sure wouldn’t be sitting there reading a book, ignoring Him.

Well, He REALLY IS there, and from that moment on, I now go in, say my Rosary, and then
spend the rest of the time just looking at Him and loving Him. I haven’t cured cancer,
nor am I a saint. But you know, I can sit there with Him and just be with Him. We humans have all
let Him down and abandoned Him, even His apostles.
But for one hour a week, little nothing me can be there, just for Him. **

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