Adrian Van Kaam

Anyone interested in discussing his theology of spiritual formation?

I liked his more reflective books but am now interested in the more systematic books on Formation. In the mean time I read this article:

It may not appeal to manu, “formation field” and all, but I am loving it. I am eagerly awaiting other hard copy books.

I am a little surprised absolutely no one responded. Adrian wrote some beautiful reflection books and stays thoroughly within Catholic orthodoxy. He is one of the very few who developed a theology of Spiritual Formation.

I’ve honestly never heard of this man before in my life.
It might be a good idea if you made a thread or a post introducing him, so perhaps more people here would have some idea who he was and what he did.

We can always start with wiki

It helps if you like to read psychology, theology and spirituality.

I’ve heard of him. Dr. Gerald May refers to him in his book, Addiction and Grace. But I’ve never actually read anything by Van Kaam, so I’ve nothing substantial to add to the thread :slightly_frowning_face:.

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