Adult Catechism or Youcat?

As a young adult in my mid 20s would it be better for me to read the Adult Catechism or the Youcat? Thanks. :slight_smile:

I’d say both:D
But honestly I do have both versions myself and I think the adult one functions as a book you can look in for answers if you have a special subject/ topic in mind while YouCat are better if you like to read through the entire catechism with definitions/ clarification on each subject.

(Btw Im 24 years old )

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

Thank you, and I’m 24 as well. Are there any other books you would recommend that I read?:slight_smile:

Hi, I just happened to bump into one of the other threads you’ve made and got aware that you are in RCIA or will be soon.
First of all congrats on opening yourself up for the Catholic Faith it’s a rough journey for lots of lots of Protestants and if you have questions about the faith that you for some reason don’t like to ask in the open forums please feel free to send me a message and I’ll do my best to answer them.
Again Im rooting for you:)

About the book suggestions, I think it varies quite a lot to be honest.
I mean, you as an American may benefit from reading books written in the US while Europeans such as myself often finds books written in Europe to be more beneficial as its a better match to read about our own cultures and other persons conversions.

But even though Im European I’ve heard great stuff about “Rome Sweet Home” written by Scott Hahn. Im sure you know who he is:P
Also I’ll strongly recommend for you to go visit a local Catholic bookstore and ask there.
Im sure there are tons of literature available that will enrich your growing interest Im Catholicism:)

Btw, now that I know you’re in RCIA I will definitely recommend YouCat over The Cathecism as its much better pedagogicaly than the original Cathecism.

I’ll pray for your journey:)

Yours in Jesus and Mary

  • MarianCatholic

I strongly recommend that you read the Baltimore Catechism #3. God bless you.

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