Adult confirmation wearing white


I am a RCIA candidate and will be being confirmed in to the church in the UK at Easter Vigil. I am already baptised so will not be rebaptised. Anyway I am just wondering if I have to wear white.


Talk to your RCIA team. They are the only ones who can answer because they know what happens in your parish. I would have thought they would have told you by now if they had specific requirements.


In every UK parish I have known the tradition is to dress up a little for one’s confirmation, but white garments are not required… which is good as - other than my pyjamas - every wearable piece of clothing I own is black! :smiley:


I was confirmed as an adult some years ago (but otherwise was a cradle Catholic).

I chose to wear a light coloured suit but only because I already had one. Nobody suggested to me what I should wear and I have never heard of any rules about attire at Confirmation - other than the normal ones regarding modest and appropriate clothing while being in a Church...

Just wear your 'Sunday Best' if you don't want to go to the expense and effort of buying something specially for the occasion, it'll be just as good.


I agree with Lesley. Only your RCIA team can tell you what is customary in your parish. I also agree that if you needed special clothing I think they would have told you far enough in advance that you wouldn't be scrambling to find it at the last minute.


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