Adult, Single & Catholic?


I am fairly new on this site, so I am not sure how much this has been discussed on this site.

Anyway, for any of you who are Catholic and Single, I VERY much encourage you to look into attending the National Catholic Singles Conference. The website for the organization is

I attended the first one back in 2005 in Littleton, CO. I can not even begin to tell you the spiritual journey that conference took me on.
I have no association with the organization that holds these conferences and I am not promoting for them. I have read a few threads from parents, and adult Catholics that seem to be struggling with dating, engagements, being single, etc. I feel that this is a resource that can be of some help.

I would also suggest to the many parents out there with single, adult Catholic children, this would be a GREAT gift to give them.


Just another note.

The conference is not just an event to hang out and meet other singles (although one can do that). The conference is also for those who are still trying to determine their religious vocation.


If things work out I may be attending this year. :thumbsup:


Thanks Just…this would be a good thing to bring up in your local “Spirit & Truth” group if you have one!


I couldn’t agree more! I attended the conference last June in San Deigo - it was wonderful. I was just looking up the information last night and saw that they have one scheduled for the end of April in Chicago and San Deigo is scheduled for sometime in the summer.
I will most likely be attending the one in San Deigo since I live in Az…


For more information:

I went to the one last year in Chicago, it was good, solid, orthodox (too bad the one phone number I was able to get did not pan out).

Bit of information on what it was like last year:

The VAST majority were singles who had never been married. And the general tone of the conference was that being single was a temporary state during which you discerned and prepared for marriage or some type of religious or consecrated life.


What were the age demographics of the Conference?


When I went it was mostly upper 20’s through upper 30’s, there were a good number of 30+. I don’t remember seeing any under 21. The oldest were in their 50’s-60’s (though there were not many of them).

I believe the website gives that information, if not, I am sure they will answer via e-mail. I know I e-mailed a ton of questions to them before making my decision to go (age range expected was one of the questions). Pretty pitiful being it was at my parish. I just wanted to insure it was not just a “hook up” conference, and that in my mid 30’s I would not feel out of place. They were very informative.

It was also nice because they had some break out groups based on gender. Personally, I don’t think I would have come away with as much if it was set up just as a “hook up” thing.


So being just out of college it may be a little young for this Conf?


I don’t think so. It all depends on you. Also remember, I went to the 1st one they had, I am sure they changed a few things. I guess my advice is if someone is JUST going to find a future husband/wife, they are going for the wrong reason. That is my opinion and I am sure that others would dispute that.
I think there were MANY things from the conference that even high school aged students could have learned. I actually recommended to our priest that some of the reading materials be offered to the parish high school students. When I moved from that parish they were looking at ways of doing that.
E-mail them and ask what the ages are now.


If I were to guess the average age last year, it was early thirties.


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