Adult stem cell breakthrough

Sadly, some things regarding embryonic stem cell research and its promise are not getting much press. A terrible incident involving a boy from Israel developing tumors after such treatment, and the fact that these stem cells are viewed as foreign material in the body with the associated lifelong rejection issue.

This new development with Adult stem cells is promising but should be viewed with caution. It appears that this breakthrough has the potential to derail embryonic stem cell research entirely. Let’s pray that this will indeed happen.


Don’t count on anyone from the US government or mainstream media to care about this.

The Investment Community is aware of it and it will likely be funded by private investors. Of course, they will have to be certain that it does work as advertised and get ‘product’ out of the lab.

If down the road, should this technique lead to treatments and even cures, those who need it will ask for it.


I asked mt left wing congressman why we aren’t funding this kind of stem cell research and never got a reply

Of course he did explain why he supports Foca…:mad:

Scientifically it probably would. But financially, as an individualized therapy, I’m not sure it has the potential to make the huge $$$ that a “Miracle-Cell ™” embryonic stem cell line could make, when marketed by some global biomedical-genetic-pharmaceutical company. One that has high-priced lobbyists with big expense accounts. So, adult stem cells, while more promising, will probably not get much support from our government.

I tire of my own cynicism. We are so broken – BROKEN – as a nation, that we can’t even use our collective tax resources for anything truly promising and within moral guidelines, unless some influential someone can work some sort of angle for power or money.

So yes, Ed, prayer is all that is left to do.


Embryonic stem cells are desired because using them will allow a “treatment” which would allow the drug companies to get a patent. Hence lots of bucks.

Adult stem cells come from the person with the disease, this would only allow a “therapy” which cannot be patented.

Follow the money.

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