Adult Stem Cell Research Study Helps Heart Disease Patient Get His Life Back

Heart Attack Victim Improves Quality of Life

A heart disease patient is reporting that participation in a stem cell research trial in Arizona has improved his quality of life. Thomas Lankford, an award winning journalist and heart attack victim, is able to lift up and play with his grandson again after adult stem cells were implanted into his heart muscle.

Stem Cell Research Study in Arizona

The research trial, taking place at Mercy Gilbert Medical Center in Arizona is run by Dr. Nabil Dib, a cardiologist who has been a believer in adult stem cells for many years. Dr. Dib implanted the stem cells into the heart muscle of Lankford using a minimally invasive catheter with a special needle attached. The procedure doesn’t involve surgery and Lankford was awake the entire time of the stem cell procedure.

Before the stem cell treatment

* Couldn't lift his 5 year old granddaughter
* Couldn't work in his yard and garden
* No energy, shortness of breath

After the stem cell therapy

* Can pick up and hold his granddaughter
* Used a chain saw, which "I couldn't even crank two months earlier," to saw downed trees into fire logs. I then split and placed the logs into stacks.
* I can now walk miles without any shortness of breath or tightness in my chest. I can lift up the garage door in one motion, and easily lift and pour the five-gallons of gasoline into my farm tractor. I can walk up stairs without resting.

From the stem cell news story:

I am in the project’s second of three phases. This one involves the injection of 75 million stem cells. Only 25 million cells were injected in each participant in Phase I, and 150 million cells are to be injected in Phase III.

The purpose of the study is to determine if the injection of special cells can help restore heart muscle function and to try and determine what number of cells is the magic number of cells needed.

I keep pinching myself to see if I am dreaming, or if this new-found energy is for real.
Ho Hum - More Lives SaveD By Stem Cells
This shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are plenty of these stem cell research studies showing that adult stem cells are beneficial to heart disease patients. There was this research study in Germany showing the benefits of stem cells and where I argued that there is so much evidence that adult stem cells help heart attack victims that it should be a crime of humanity NOT to give something that so obviously can help. Also, there was this recent completed stem cell study in America that showed the same thing.

While adult stem cells don’t help every time, they give the heart attack patient the greatest hope and there are no side effects! The worst thing that can happen is nothing. If a doctor told me “Hey Don, there is a good chance these stem cells will make your quality of life better, but there is a chance they will do nothing.” I would say “Go ahead Doc, what have I got to lose?”

Even Frank Drebin of Naked Gun Can Figure This Out. Why Can’t the FDA?
You can see more than 50 stem cell success stories in our heart disease section if you need more evidence. Evidently the FDA is not a reader of the Don Margolis Blog as thousands of heart disease patients are dying every year due to the fact that adult stem cells are not available to Americans except in limited clinical research trials.

Americans now are traveling abroad to countries where adult stem cells are used as they are forced to go due to the FDA who claim to “protect” patients from “unproven” treatments, but in reality are killing them.

See the whole adult stem cell research story for heart disease and heart attacks here

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