Adult Stem Cell Research - study shows stem cells help Spinal Cord Injury patients!

A newly published clinical study shows that Adult Stem Cells implanted into spinal cord injury patients is both safe and effective in improving the patient’s quality of life. Of course, it wasn’t done in the United States…read more at Stem Cell Research

The adult stem cells work. Those, and umbilical cord stem cells, from the throw-away organ (umbilical cord) after birth.

Millions and millions have been spent on stem cell research on embryonic stem cells. God has His Hand in this! Those (Embryonic) don’t work. Tumors form, etc.

The Companies are too embarrassed to give in and state that it’s so. Seems the money may dry up. And, so they continue experimenting on the weakest human beings of all. Then, throwing them away. Pride. Pride and the false god of Money.

God Bless.
+Love and Peace through Christ Jesus, this Lent. -Dawn

Agreed with all the above but we need to be careful. Embryonic stem cells *may * prove useful at some point but must still be rejected as unethical science even if they are proven to be" useful" science.

Of course. However, I still see God’s Hand in this. It has been years in the making, and still-doesn’t work.

Thanks Be To God!

Through Him, With Him, In Him…
God Bless. +Pax, -Dawn

Amen to that!:thumbsup:

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