Adult Stem Cell Research

3 Texans with Multiple Sclerosis were healed by Adult Stem Cells. The Adult Stem Cells have no ethical issues and save lives rather than taking lives-

Adult Stem Cell Research

Why isn’t this making breaking headlines? So many people who suffer from MS would benefit from this …and also more funding would be available for pursuing adult stem cell research too rather than throwing good money after bad research aka…fetal stem cell research. And saving babies lives.

More reasons to pray.

Thank you for asking. The mainstream media and the researchers will always push Adult Stem Cell victories to page 16 or beyond and belittle it in order to make their champion “Embryonic Stem Cells” look like the only hope.

Scientists need funds from taxpayers to give them a job so they go around shouting Embryonic stem cells are “more flexible” and have “more potential.” What does that mean?? Embryonic stem cells have very little private investment because investors are smart with their money- they know that Embryonic Stem Cells aren’t going to help.

Therefore, the scientists and their cronies in the media are trying (and succeeding) in getting the American tax payer to pay for their “research.” Look at California and the return they are getting on their investment of billions in Embryonic Stem Cell research - Zippo.

In reality, Adult Stem Cells are helping save and improve lives now. If they were available in the USA now, they would save and improve millions of lives- multiple sclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries are all conditions that Adult Stem Cells are helping now. Unfortunately, patients have to leave the US to find treatments for these conditions and others.

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