Adult Stem Cell Therapy Helps Young Girl

Cerebral Palsy Helped By Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Another child with cerebral palsy has been helped by their own adult stem cells at the Xcell Center in Dusseldorf, Germany. Sophia Chang, a 3 1/2 year old girl is the latest in a long list of children who have traveled to Germany for the stem cell treatment and returned home with improvements in their cerebral palsy symptoms.

In an open letter, the Chang family describes the stem cell procedure and how simple it is, and more importantly, how much it has helped their daughter Sophia.

Before The Adult Stem Cells Were Implanted

  1. No protective reaction when falling, would have to wear a helmet as Sophia would fall on her head
  2. Couldn’t chew food, could only drink liquids and very soft food
  3. Had difficulty walking, had to wear orthotics for her feet
  4. No words and limited sounds

The Stem Cell Therapy Procedure Described
From the stem cell success story:

The procedure was very simple. Sophia went in for the first part, handled the anesthesia just fine and the procedure itself of extracting the bone marrow took no more than 30 minutes. She woke up within an hour and she was just fine. We went back to the hotel and she did not exhibit any adverse effects or pain. After a few days, we went back to the center and had the second part of the treatment-they put her under and injected the stem cells into her spinal fluid which also took no more than 15 minutes or so. She woke up again within an hour and we went back to hotel. She was totally fine and back to her normal happy self by that evening.

Results of the Treatment

  1. Developed a protective reaction to falling within a few weeks after treatment
  2. Was able to chew food and developed more interest in foods
  3. Not only walking, but running too!
  4. Improvements in speech

Stem Cell Research Results for Cerebral Palsy Presented
In September 2009, the Xcell Center presented some of their research results of their cerebral palsy treatment. Click for the stem cell research results. We have also covered other cerebral palsy patients who have received positive benefits from this stem cell treatment. CP patients like Harvey Telford from England and Sierra Hill from Australia have also improved after the therapy and are planning to go a 2nd time.

"Protecting" Patients From A Better Quality of Life
It is interesting to note that so many doctors in the United States say that these treatments are scams. However, why do we see so many families want to take their children abroad a second time for more adult stem cell therapy? Do they wish to be scammed a second time??? I don’t think so. There is something good happening.

It is sad that families from the UK, USA, and Australia, all western countries with top level research facilities are unwilling to put the research into therapy. They do this by using the mainstream media to moan about “unproven treatments” and “protecting the patients”. In reality, they are protecting the drug companies which can’t make money off of your own repair system-- your own adult stem cells.

And in the end the only thing they are accomplishing is “protecting” patients from a better quality of life. Please read the whole story on adult stem cells for cerebral palsy

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