Adult Stem Cells Cure Multiple Sclerosis Patient in Canada

A medical student in Canada was cured of his Multiple Sclerosis after stem cell treatment using his own Adult Stem Cells.

I love these stories. More and more comes out everyday.

Thanks be to God!

embryonic cells have “promise”, but adult stem cells are delivering the promise now. I sent an email to sen. frank lautenberg (D-NJ) to the effect that his being stuck on the “potential” of ESC was getting left behind by sicence, and that even without his support real cures from ASC are happening now. I even told him that a doctor, whose article I cited to him, didn’t need his support, and that the people that matter are doing what works. I closed by wishing him well, and reminding him that I support what actually has results. I sent a similar message to Pres. Obama.

Hello! My sister has MS and I would like to know what is involved with using one’s own stem cells? Can you use a siblings stems cells also?

Thanks and God Bless!

Wow, and yet President Obama is opening up funding for embryonic stem cell research? I wish that our politicians would see what so many scientists already do - that it is the adult stem cells that are actually producing results. :rolleyes:

My friend’s husband recently ‘recovered’ from Luekemia from his own stem cells.

Has this been written up and presented to any medical journals?



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