Adult Stem Cells Greatly Accelerate Bone Regeneration in Australian Trial

By Hilary WhiteMELBOURNE, August 8, 2008 ( - Adult stem cells have helped to accelerate the healing of severe leg fractures in Australian trials. The trial involved five men and four women who had suffered the worst type of compound bone fractures in serious road accidents,…

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Score one more for ASCR!!

WE should start demanding for a total ban and the criminalization of ESCR.

As of February…there isn’t any reason to use ESCs.

“ScienceDaily (Feb. 12, 2008) * UCLA stem cell scientists have reprogrammed human skin cells into cells with the same unlimited properties as embryonic stem cells without using embryos or eggs.”

Except they are trying to con the people here in Miciogan to make it legal for government funding.

Except the “population control” genocide crowd will not admit defeat since it is one false tool they can use to further their agenda.

I’m not reading or hearing or seeing the Main Stream Media trumpeting this scientific discovery to the skies.

One would consider this to be a major breakthrough and I would expect lots of publicity.

Could it be that the fact that embryos are not involved … could that be a “negative” … that the Main Stream Media ONLY want scientific breakthroughs when embryos ARE involved.

Does the Main Stream Medea ONLY get involved when there is an immoral agenda to be advanced?

Where is that famous actor who made such a big issue of EMBRYONIC stem cell research as a venue or vehicle for finding a cure to his MS … where is he now where he can speak out to bring people together?

Why do you have these conspiracy theories?

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