Adult Stem Cells Help New York Girl See The Light

Stem Cells Help New York Girl See The Light
A young New York girl is already experiencing improvements in her septo-optic dysplasia following stem cell therapy in China. London Call, 2, has improved her quality of life in various ways just after returning to New York from the adult stem cell treatment. And the good thing is since she just completed the therapy, the stem cells may still have more potential to help her in the coming months.

London Call Smiles After Stem Cells Helped Her Septo-Optic Dysplasia

Before The Adult Stem Cell Treatment

* was in complete darkness, could not perceive any light
* could not stand up on her own
* difficulty speaking

After The Stem Cells Were Implanted

* pupils dilated when a light hit them meaning London could see light.  
* can stand up on her own for 15-20 seconds.  Can also pick herself off the ground if she falls, something she couldn't do before
* now is using more words than before, her vocabulary expanding quickly

From the stem cell news story:


London was born with septo-optic dysplasia, a rare condition that caused her to be born without a septum pellucidum, which separates the ventricles of her brain. Her optic nerves are not large enough to send a message to the occipital lobe of her brain, causing her blindness.

When they found out about her condition, Call and her husband Brandon were told there was nothing to be done. Only later did they hear about experimental stem-cell treatments being done with umbilical cord stem cells (not embryonic ones) at a hospital in Qingdao, China.

After a massive, year-long fundraising effort in Saranac Lake and the surrounding communities, the family raised about $50,000 to pay for the treatments and were on their way.
Now That London Can See The Light, Why Can’t The FDA?
Another case of it’s a shame that the stem cell treatment is not available in the United States and this family had to raise money to receive the stem cells in a different country. However, if this treatment was not available in China, London wouldn’t have any options as the family was told “there is nothing that can be done”.

Luckily London’s family didn’t accept that and now London can see light. I dream of the day when the US FDA sees the light too and makes adult stem cells and adult** stem cell research** available in the United States.

Others With Septo-Optic Dysplasia Helped By Adult Stem Cells
London followed in the footsteps of other children like Scarlett Berkmire, children with septo-optic dysplasia and optic nerve hypoplasia who have had a new world opened up by using adult stem cells.
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Ok. I have a question. You see, I have a Psychology class and in the textbook it said this “Stem cells have the amazing capacity to change into and become any one of the 220 cells that make up a human body, including skin, heart, liver, bones, and neurons.The use of human embroyonic stem cells is controversial for ethical and political reasons. Embryonic stem cells have the ability to form new brain cells by imiateing neighboring neurons.” What I don’t seem to understand is that if adult stem cells have such promising results then why would the textbook, the teachers and the media not mention them?

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