Adult Stem Cells Help Scleroderma Patient Feel "Reborn"

A New Jersey resident, Michael George, an ex-high school principal feels “reborn” after undergoing a stem cell therapy in which he had his own Adult Stem Cells implanted to treat his scleroderma at Northwestern University-

*George said the procedure didn’t cure him, but it stopped the disease and reverses it to a certain extent.

“In April the doctor said “are you sure I didn’t give you a lung transplant, instead of a stem cell transplant,” he said, noting both his lungs and heart are now in good condition.*

Mike was supported by his church who helped him raise over $200,000 for the stem cell treatment in the United States.

See the whole story at Adult Stem Cells

Keep posting, Don.


That’s good news! There are so many possibilities with adult stem cells. There’s been nothing with embryonic stem cells. But - there are the same embryonic stem cells in amniotic fluid. Argh, it’s all political.

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