Adult Stem Cells Helped My Son's Autism

Over the last two years, I have tried to follow the life of the Faiella family, mainly through their stem cell blog, but also through various news stories. Matthew Faiella, a 9 year old boy, born with autism, has two amazing parents who have tried to provide him with the tools to help improve his quality of life. Namely, these tools have come from stem cell research using adult stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hard Work And Research
Now, the Faiella family has come out with a new book, titled Out of the Darkness, The Faiella Family’s Journey to Recover their Autistic Son . In this book review, Kent Huckenlively, of The Age of Autism website, summarizes the Faiella story about how Daniel (Matthew’s father) working as a bellboy at a hotel, has worked so hard and done his research to provide Matthew with the adult stem cells and hyperbaric oxygen treatment that has changed Matthew in so many ways:

The prognosis given to their son (Matthew) a few months later was similarly grim. He was diagnosed as severely autistic, flapping all day, and engaging in constant unusual vocalizations. Even after years of ABA therapy he could only speak in two word sentences. The doctor suggested institutionalizing him. The book details many of the therapies they tried, but note that two seemed to work especially well for him, HBOT therapy and stem cells.

In November of this year the Faiella family will go down to Costa Rica for their fourth and they believe final stem cell treatment. Matthew has made extraordinary progress and Daniel told me that when a local television reporter came over to do a story on them he could not believe Matthew had ever been autistic. At most an outside observer would conclude he has some developmental delays.

Not Feeling Sorry For Himself
Daniel wasn’t waiting for a bunch of moaning scientists lamenting their lack of funds so they could do an experiment on mice that could pay dividends - 20 years from now. Daniel saw what was out there and knowing that adult stem cells wouldn’t hurt his son and knowing that the most risk was the risk of loss of money, he took a chance and it paid off.

Daniel Faiella is a man all of us Americans (and others) can aspire to be. He wasn’t dealt a perfect hand in life, far from it, but instead of folding and complaining and feeling sorry for himself, he went out and did his research on adult stem cells. And then he went and got it for his son. He did his research on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. And then went out and got it for his son.

He raised the money somehow to provide his son with both and now it is paying dividends for him. The Faiellas aren’t wealthy in terms of money, but they are wealthy in the love and support they provide for his son. In short, Daniel is a true warrior.

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