Adult Stem Cells Helping Heart Disease Patients at Northwestern

Doctors just completed a successful Phase II trial treating Heart Disease patients at Northwestern University. :Next up: Phase III trial – another 5 more years for approval. Can’t we speed this up??

Glad to get this news…but is this Northwestern University in Evanston IL? If that’s the case, that’s right in my back yard?

Probably not. Phase I trials test safety. Phase II trials test efficacy. Phase III trials compare the new treatment with standard treatments. Since Phase III trials are randomized, it will take some time for results to become clear.

Yes St. Bruno- that Northwestern-- however, getting into these trials are difficult. And unfortunately RedGecko is correct-- at least 5 more years probably more before the FDA would approve this.

And, do not forget, the current immoral regime is working actively against adult stem cells in favor of embryonic stem cells from murdered babies.

Do not forget either those wonderful medical workers and researchers who see the potential of adult stem cells and work within their field against fetal stem cell usage.

My mother is a nurse at Northwestern, and I’m very proud of her. She has been a devout Catholic for decades, and she lives her faith in her calling as a nurse. Her research into adult stem cell treatments (sometimes even using the patient’s own stem cells) has saved lives from cancers previously thought incurable.

Please keep her and especially her patients in your prayers.

Funny thing, not even foxnews seems to carry these types of stories. I won’t hold my breath.

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