"Adult" stores blight communities

Check out this letter to the editor.

Nothing “adult” about stuff of this matter… It simply promotes spiritual immaturity and ethical blight.


I’m more concerned about the crack, coke, meth, heroin, pot, krokodil, PCP, etc. dealer on the street corner as a source of blighting areas. Depending on how advanced the drug distribution folks are, there’s usually a side order of the sex trade along with it.

I’d say that strip clubs also probably outweigh “adult” bookstores in community blight. It’s amazing the number of assaults, sex assaults, aggravated assaults, homicides, etc. a couple of those things can generate.

Not saying that “adult” stores are good things, but if the area has other issues going on, those other issues should probably be addressed first.

We have 2 within just miles of our house and it SICKENS me. We decided in our Bible Study group that anytime we pass by them we will say an Our Father that those who work there and frequent there to purchase things in those places will see the WRONG of those kinds of places and NOT go there any more.

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They are a big problem. They were established to reinforce a false idea of male/female relationships - there shouldn’t any relationships, just sex. And to create addictions to porn. This was all planned.

And certain people kept saying they are good. Prostitutes should not be used like this. Women should not be used like this. We need to get closer to God and forget these places exist. In the 1970s, I thought: “Who allowed this? Who opened these places? Who paid for everything?”

The answer is clear - the good between men and women is buried under a lie. Marriage not porn. Denounce it whenever you can. Pray to God that He will deliver you. He can. He brought me out. Even when you think it’s not possible, continue to pray. Don’t be anxious, just pray.

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