Adult theme park gets China talking about sex

BEIJING - China is building its first sexually explicit theme park, and the giant genitalia sculptures and suggestive exhibits are getting many people hot and bothered in a country where talking about sex is still taboo.

Love Land is set to open in October in the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing and will feature exhibitions about sexual history and how to use condoms properly. It will also host sex technique workshops, the China Daily newspaper said.

I am totally opposed to this. All China needs is an “adult” theme park. Disgusting! :mad:

Someone, somewhere in a “Planned Parenthood”, is crying for joy at reading this.


The Chinese government tore it down before it ever opened.

originally posted by waspi
The Chinese government tore it down before it ever opened.…

:thumbsup::thumbsup:This is good news!

The Chinese community in Boston were responsible for getting the red light district(porn and strip bars) closed down about 20 years ago. The “combat zone” was located on the edge and some of it was in Chinatown and the residents said no way and essentially helped get rid of a lot of it.

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