Adultery in dreams


I commit adultery in my dreams - you know what I mean. Is it a sin to murder, commit adultery and blasphemy consdiering you can’t control your dreams? What if you can?


You can’t control your dreams, therefore you cannot sin in your dreams. Sin requires consent of the will. Don’t worry.

God Bless


Nope… just don’t let those dreams take over your thoughts when you’re awake and certainly don’t let those dreams become a reality.



No its not a sin and no you cant control your dreams. By the same token “wet dreams” are not sinful either.


I would add that they’re not great dreams…Maybe you’re under attack from the enemy? I would recommend that you seek the Sacraments, especially confession, and say the Archangel Michael prayer every night before you go to sleep!


I agree with the others and especially with fightingfat.

The fact that you have these types of dreams routinely seems to me to be a problem. Not a sin, certainly, but something that may need spiritual council to try and determine the underlying issues. Pray hard, often and especially at beditme.

Also, in regards to the spiritual attack aspect. I would suggest sprinkling your bed with holy water and asking St Michael to protect you. Also ask God to Grant you peaceful sleep and sweet and Godly dreams (not evil ones).



Good advice so far. I would add, too, that, even in so-called “lucid dreams” (where we are able to control certain things), complete consent would be lacking. During the dream, it may seem like you are in complete control, but that is seldom the case.

I also agree with those posters that say it may be the symptom of something else. If the dreams are only a fluke occurrence, then it’s probably nothing. If those dreams are happening regularly, then perhaps there are issues in one’s waking life that need to be addressed.

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