(Adults ONLY) Is this one or two sins to confess?


Hi. When I was younger, I was curious with my body and full knowing that to my conscious I felt very guilty and always felt that Jesus would not be happy, I have pleasured myself.

However, I’m just writing down some mortal sins or venial sins I may want to confess next year (RCIA starts next January to Easter, so I can’t go to confession). I’m writing them down as I’m an extremely forgetful person.

I know pleasuring oneself is a mortal sin. In doing so I have also tried pleasuring myself using my behind (anus). Would this be a separate mortal sin I should confess (something like self sodomy I guess???).

Is this one sin (masturbation), or two sins (self sodomy? and masturbation) that I should confess during confession?

And sorry for the disgusting question in advance.


You probably should not go into that much detail in your confession. I would count each instance of “self-sodomy” as an instance of masturbation. If you don’t know the exact number of times, you can say something like “around once a day for 5 years”. Your priest will understand.


If you say “sins of impurity” the priest will get the idea. They don’t necessarily need the “details”.
God bless you…I pray you have a wonderful and meaningful RCIA experience.


Exactly this! The sin is easily understood and details are not necessary. Or, one could also just say masturbation which is also easily understood and details are not necessary. (By the way, I am not saying that you shouldn’t have been specific in your question here, all cool :slight_smile: ).


As far as I know, the Catholic tradition has only ever classified all forms of self-pleasure as the sin of masturbation. If you engaged in sodomy with another person, that would be another matter.


Senior apologist Jimmy Akin recommends confessing things you think you should just to be safe.

However, (and this is a big one), if you suffer from scrupulosity, you need a spiritual director and must follow his/her advice.


I mean, since I’ve turned to Catholicism, I’ve always finished my plate of food completely in fear of sin of waste, always flush the toilet in a public bathroom (urinal) in case of sinning, and fear of lying (such as a white lie).
Are these what people would consider as signs of scrupulosity?


I want to be clear that I’m not qualified to assess your conscience, but yes these are definitely signs of scrupulosity. Scrupulosity is an unhealthy tendency to see sin where there is none.

You need to speak to a priest about this and tell him that you think are you scrupulous. You’ll want to tell him what you told me and it’s not something to be shy about. Scrupulous people often have these sorts of nagging issues.

I would also mention how often you post on here or how much time you spend looking for answers on-line. The infinite information on the internet can really work against you, especially if you’re learning about the faith. There’s even pretty well catechized Catholics who can fall for websites that are well-done or seem to make sense but do not reflect Catholic teaching accurately. And for the scrupulous person, different rules apply.

I just think you’re not going to find peace of mind asking questions on here even though it’s a Catholic site.


Thank you for responding. Should any issues persist or worsen I will speak to a priest about this.
As for forums, besides curiosity and questions (which I guess might not necessarily be satisfied on a forum discussion) I also do this for the interaction with people who believe as I do. Although I am at a Catholic University, I do not have any practicing Catholic friends, so Catholic Answers is where I get my interaction with those sharing my beliefs for the time being.
Thank you for the concern and replying to this thread.


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