Advances in science contrast Ressurection of Christ?


I was reading a Catholic blog regarding former Pope Benedict XVI’ teachings on how faith and reason are complimentary to each other.

There is one part of the blog that raises some confusion.

“Simply stated, some have suggested the Greek philosophical traditions, with its heavy emphasis on reason, seem to be in conflict with the less rational (i.e. less scientific) standards associated with Christianity. For example, advancements in science and mathematics made by Greek scholars appear to be in stark contrast with the faith-based claims made by the first century believers (e.g. Jesus’ resurrection, ascension, imminent return, etc.); the two approaches to knowledge appear to be incongruent.”

What are these advancements that would say the Resurrection is impossible? Did scholars used to think it was scientifically and mathematically possible before these advancements?


Science, neither at the time of the Greeks or now have anything to say about the Mysteries of Divine Revelation. Science is the study of things that can be seen or measured. Divine Revelation contains many mysteries which are about things which cannot be seen because they are spiritual and based on spiritual realities.



What does mathematics have to do with proving/disproving the Resurrection? I’m confused

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