Advent in non-catholics

Does anyone happen to know if Episcapals celebrate advent like we do?

I don’t know, but I think Episcopalians do. :smiley:

Ok thanks. I received an honest answer. It seems to me sometimes like the church doesn’t know the answer about someone else and their beliefs and they will give you an answer anyway. Positive or negative.

I believe C of E, including Anglicans and Episcopalians, as well as Lutherans and possibly some others observe some form of Advent.

Episcopalians do celebrate Advent like we do.

I checked an Episcopalian liturgical calendar online.

You’ll find that it’s pretty close to the Roman Calendar used throughout the Latin Church. We share many common feast days.

In general, western Christian liturgical calendars will be very similar. Obviously this fact doesn’t apply to those Protestant denominations which reject the very idea of having a liturgical calendar, or which celebrate a much simpler one (perhaps consisting merely of Easter and Christmas, etc.).

We celebrated Advent when I was an Episcopalian, I cannot imagine that anything has changed since then.

I had an Advent calendar every year, we had an Advent wreath in our home and at church and the liturgical color was purple.

Yep they sure do, I was formally an Episcopalian and not only that the church was not decorated for Christmas until after the last 'Mass" on the fourth week of Advent.

I don’t know about Episcopalians, but the Anglicans do.:smiley: (I was an Anglican until the ripe old age of 38.)

-]If memory serves me right,/-] Forget that. My memory is terrible.
I THINK that the colours of the candles were wrong at my parish – four red candles. But the vestments were purple, the Christmas decorations did not go up until just before Christmas, we sang Advent hymns, etc.

I think among Protestants that Episcopalians/ Anglicans and Lutherans celebrate Advent in the same manner as Roman Catholics. Probably Presbyterians and Methodists as well. I remember as a child acolyte the duty of lighting all the candles including the Advent wreath at Mass. The wreath hung high from the nave ceiling and would sway when trying to light it. The acolytes who served on the 4th Sunday in Advent and at the Christ Mass would light 4 candles plus a Christ candle in the middle of the wreath. That was a challenge!

Yes, Presbyterians do celebrate it.

I am Anglo-Catholic, we do, the Episcopal church does, Lutheran, too. And I believe there are others, as well. Believe I will Google it now…lol…my interest got peeked:D

So that explains why I just thought they all celebrated advent. I was presbyterian till age 5, my father passed away, my mom married an anglican so I became anglican. Then I married a presbyterian for over 20 years (divorced), then I married a catholic and 15 years later i’m a Catholic. Whewwww! Took the long route! So I just always thought protestants and Catholics all celebrated Advent.

I started out Baptist. Then we became pentecostals. I then decided myself to leave my family’s tradition and become Catholic. We never celebrated Advent in Baptist or Pentecost churchs.

I think they do.

Yeppers! Just like in Catholicism. :thumbsup:

Our church has mid-week Vespers and a light supper during Advent. We focus on preparation for Christ’s coming.

In fact, the Advent wreath began as an entirely Lutheran tradition - it was co-opted by Roman Catholics and other Christians. Same with Christmas trees! :christmastree1:

We Lutherans tend to put quite an emphasis on Advent in our liturgical calendars - as we well should - Christ is coming! :smiley:

Coming from the UK I can tell you that the Church of England which I believe is the equivalent of the episcopalians in USA does celebrate Advent.

Whether its the same as the Catholic Church, I don’t know!

The Church Calendar for Western Christians is the same regardless of denomination. The seasons of the Church Year and the colors of the paraments/ vestments is also essentially identical among those who follow the liturgical traditions [Roman, Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed].

The only significant difference is the number of holy days/ saints days/ lesser feast days observed by each denomination.

On one of the ex mormon sites I read, the LDS are celebrating Advent also. Well, they have the calendars. Whether they understand what it means, I have no idea.

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