Advent Meditation for 2006

Hi Gang:

If you would like to hear an advent meditation from a recovering adventist, check out the following link:


Jeff S.

I suddenly have slow browser probs. But I will check it as soon as I can, I am going to take a break now - but I assure you I will check it-

looks like it will be good!

Woah- Jeff if they are asking JW’s to Look at Illustrations from the Watchtower to stay focused—

how is this different from Icons and Statues???:confused:

Sorry their illustrations are not that great and in fact are —

Jeff- this is very telling of their double standard and sudden flip flop once again on focusing on images!:eek:

Hi D:

Good point…find that Watchtower and point that out to your Mom.

Also, see if your Mom will listen to my podcasts on Jesus is God. I only use the New World Translation in that podcast.

Jeff S.

Makes me wonder how they can say we’re crazy for using statues when they are the hypocrites here… grr

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