Advent: new traditions? old favorites?

This year I’m going to do the 40 day fast of St Martin’s and extra prayer to try to make Advent a little more like Lent. (Not an ascetic fast- couple of snacks and dinner)

I’m not a very sentimental person or a very consistent person, so we don’t have a lot of traditions. But one thing we always do every year is on St. Nicholas day we give the kids new pajamas, a Christmas ornament, and a Toblerone.

How will you celebrate Advent this year?


I will once again being doing the Dynamic Catholic’s Advent program. I enjoy it very much each day.

I think this year especially, people will be looking for ways to add some special meaning to the time leading up to Christmas.

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Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of this!

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Here is something else to try.

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