Advent penance?

I was just informed the other day that Advent is actually also a season of penance, somewhat like Lent is. As a result, I’ve taken on some small goals. It’s only one day in and it’s already pretty hard, but I think I can do it.

I was wondering what you guys do for the penitential aspect of Advent? I am always interested in hearing how you guys on the CAF think and act on spiritual matters–I learn so much!

The best penance concerns little charities to others, kind words, acts, prayers for them, even if it’s difficult sometimes. Jesus assured us that if we love others, if we’re kind to them, it is love and kindness to Him…and what should our preparation be but deepening of love and relationship with Jesus.

It is good to do penance.
Sin really has its social effect. I am very concerned about the collective sins committed by our society, especially the sin of aboration in US. Therefore, I often pray the rosary for the penance of out nation. If you will, please pray for the penance of the United States of America that is much needed.

God bless!

I do. And I’m also old enough to remember that the Winter Ember Days are the Wednesday, Friday and Saturday following December 13 – which, this year, would be 12/17-19-20. Days of fast (or partial fast) and abstinence.

I try to keep a spiritual journal through the period of Advent. Every night before I go to bed I write down a thought or a quote that would be my motto for the next day, and I set a penance for myself. Something like this:
day one - I’ll call grandpa and talk to him for as long as he wants
day two - I’ll abstain from coffee

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