Advent Question: Why do we sing the "Alleluia" in Advent but not Lent?

Is there any particular reason why we sing the Alleluia in Advent, but not in Lent? I want to say it’s because Advent is more of a hopeful/joyful anticipation of Christmas, and Lent is a more somber time. Any explanation is appreciated.

That sounds good :wink:

That could be (part of?) the reason.
I’m still trying to get used to the idea that Advent is a penitential season. With the secular (and much of the protestant) world starting “the holiday season” so darn early it gets hard. (Anyone fasting this year?)

I like the fact that Eastern Catholics start Advent earlier (40 days like Lent) and also fast. I believe for Roman Catholics the third week of advent is for fasting and penance in preparation of the Feast of the Nativity of Christ (Christmas). We fast to increase the awareness of the importance of this day, and also penance so that our souls are prepared as well.

I believe that we do not exclaim Alleluia during Lent to emphasize the penitential mood of the season. We should focus first on the suffering and death of Christ. Alleluia conveys the truimph of Christ, that will come in the Easter season. For Lent, we suffer with Christ.

Lent is penitential. Advent is penitential, but a bit less so. Hence purple for both seasons. But fasting is stricter in Lent, no Alleluia, etc.

There may be deeper theological reasons as well, but lightening Advent seems to help us focus on the unique and deeper penitential aspect of Lent. However having some penitential character to Advent helps us prepare for Christmas and for the Second Coming.

Even though Advent is pentitential, we’re still anticipating the birth of Jesus. Lent, we have to recognize the death of Jesus first before we can celebrate the resurrection on Easter.

The penitential aspect of Advent is to prepare us for the coming of Christ. The penitential aspect of Lent is to bond us to the suffering of Christ. So Advent is naturally a joyous event while Lent is naturally a sorrowful event, thus the terms used for the Mysteries of the Rosary.

That’s true.
We are preparing to remember how God loves us SO much that He actually condescended to become one of His creatures.

** In the fullness of time Almighty God summoned an angel and sent him to earth on the most stupendous errand in eternity or time.**
“You will go to Nazareth, in Galilee”, he said, to a virgin named Mary. You will give her my love. And you will ask her to be the mother of my Son."
Give her your love and mine, for she will be your queen. Give her your loyalty as well. And hail her as ‘full of grace’!"

– From chapter one of King of Sinners by Eddie Doherty

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The color you mean is “violet.” This is the term used by the Church. “Purple” is an ambiguous term which might mean one of several colors, and is never used by the Church.

We Byzantines use purple! :smiley:

So why do I still see different shades of “RED+BLUE” ?

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