Advent this year


Well I guess Advent starts this year on Dec. 2nd. It’s such a short time to remember and prepare for the coming. I hope to get back into the church by then. Travel is hard and rain heat very cold. This is the next spcial season itsn’t it other than ordinary time?


I believe so. Definitely get back to the Catholic Church as soon as possible! It’s an obligation!


In a way, yes. But in another way, every season as a Catholic is special ( speaking as a convert). :grinning:


Hey I came in through RCIA several years back. You come in at the beginning of they year Easter.


Oh, I’m not a new convert. Pretty old, actually. :wink:
But I remember the years before, without the liturgical year and feasts and Ordinary Time . . . I love the cycle of liturgical seasons. :heart:


I love the season of Advent. It’s a lovely time to return


Yes. Note that Ordinary time is not ordinary-not-special, it it ordinary-ordered-through-the-year.

Longer story

Yes, all the liturgical seasons are ordered, but there is no other seasonal name to attach during Ordinary Time. For instance, in the English speaking world, we are coming up on the 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, while in Latin, eg, it will be XXV Dominca per annum – “25th Sunday of the year”


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