Advent wallpaper and screen savers


Where to find something adult looking?

I did some searching, and mostly found kid stuff. I really don’t want a bear in the woods waiting for Santa wallpaper or screen saver! --KCT


I was just wondering about this yesterday! Thanks for posting :smiley:


This site:

In years past they have had Lent and Advent wallpapers but they don’t usually appear until Lent or Advent starts. Also, just because they had them in the past doesn’t guarantee they will have them in the future.


I made my own background for my desktop of an Advent wreath, and ‘lit’ each of the candles as the week progressed… I’ll post the pictures as soon as I find them.

EDIT: here they are!

Just click on the thumbnail, then right-click on the image, and select “Save as…” and presto! ^^

EDIT2: I just found this image on the net, I bet you could do the same with any advent wreath picture, as long as the backdrop to the wreath isn’t complicated. I just grabbed chunks of the background in Paint and pasted them over the flames.


I am afraid of those screen savers. They always install to your PC some other apps - spyware stuff.

It is safe to download images though.

I just found this “Annunciation Grotto” wallpaper that I have right now, but later I think I might also use the “Birthplace of Jesus” photo on the same site. :thumbsup:

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