Advent wreath!!!!!!!!! Help!

Well as everyone must know, advent is soon upon us and again, I am making the wreath this year. However there’s one slight problem, I can’t use candles and electric candles are too expensive. What do you guys suggest? There must be something else I can do to the wreath to commemorate advent. Please reply, your help is most valuable.

God Bless! :slight_smile:

How about and advent calendar instead?

You don’t have to light them… just have the symbol there as a reminder of the season - and say the prayers as if you were lighting them… :shrug:

The calendar idea is good too! :slight_smile:

I work at a Catholic Supply store, and we have plush advent wreaths like the one in this link. Maybe this would work.

at the dollar store I got 4 electric tea lites for $2 total, and 4 stemmed glasses, $2 total, a green artificial wreath, $1, and 4 bows, $1 total, plus a green and gold placemat to set it on, $1. tape the bows to the glass stems, and I am good to go, for less than the cost of a wreath with 4 colored candles in a religious gift catalog or store.

I LOVE YOU!!! lol thank u for ur suggestions, I think this is the one for me. :slight_smile: God Bless You! :slight_smile:

I would love to see a pic!:slight_smile:

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