Lent is so much more straightfoward as a time of prayer, fasting, and abstenance. What are we supposed to do during Lent?


Do you mean, “What are we supposed to do during Advent?”

Here’s a link if that’s what you meant. There are a lot of other places on the internet to get ideas.


Did you mean Advent? It is also a time of reflection and preparation. Those periods are a particular focus for inviting God more genuinely into our lives and of deepening our efforts to live the gospels, the authentic love that Jesus teaches, and to share more deeply in the Sacraments. Intrinsic to these developments is usually some sacrifice of our own wishes and comfort.

It isn’t always easy to be loving, nor always easy to read the gospels and epistles, nor to realign our hearts and activities to Christian ones, nor it is always easy to fully participate in the Sacraments, therefore Lent and Advent can be experienced as times of penance…but they remain primarily as periods of grace and deeper response to God’s call for us to be authentic Christians


yes i meant advent, sorry


Spend time in silence during the longer nights. Try lectio divina with Luke 1 and 2.

It’s the new liturgical year — make this time (rather than Jan. 1) the time you remember your past year and think about and plan for the new year — in the new light of Jesus. Make Hope in him the start of 2009.

And, do all those other things that people suggested too — all great Advent activities. Get busy!! (I am just kidding.) :slight_smile:


Our parish provided “The Little Blue Book” for Advent. It has daily meditations… for each day. (We also usually get “The Little Black Book” for the Lenten Season).

Check the Vestibule/Narthex of your parish church… and see if they’re available to you. God bless.


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