Adventists cannot possibly be worshipping on the Sabbath


Yes, I know, I 've started a post with an absolutism, but hear me out:
*]We do not (and cannot) know with certainty on which day of the week God rested after Creation because Scripture does not tell us. (This also require belief in a literal interpretation of Genesis, which the Catholic Church does not support.)
*]The traditional Jewish calendar is lunar; the modern calendar is solar. There are inherent discrepancies between the two systems.
*]The Earth’s orbit around the Sun requires 365.25 solar days, which is why we have Leap Years - a relatively recent invention. Since we haven’t been using the Leap Year correction continuously since the time of Genesis, we don’t know how far off God’s original timeline we’ve drifted.
*]We have had three major changes to the calendar: moving from lunar to solar (Gregorian), moving from the Gregorian to the Julian calendar, and the two-week fast-forward that brought about April Fool’s Day. Changing the basis of our calendars would have hopelessly complicated things.[/LIST]It may well be that Adventists have addressed this issue, but I suspect that since the Adventist church is relatively recent, they simply started out following the Jewish community’s schedule.

Since the Catholic Church celebrates the Sacrifice of the Mass every day - including Saturday - doesn’t this make the Adventists’ condemnation of us a moot issue?


I would think so…but from the Adventist I’ve come across it’s not so much the “worship” as it is the “rest”.

Many Adventis seem to think that we don’t “rest” (i.e. not work) like the bible said we should.

“Keeping the Lord’s Day” is not just about worshiping God, but it is also about “abstain from labors and business concerns”;

We are suppose to avoid making unnecessary demands on others that would hinder them from observing the Lord’s Day (CCC 2195)

Which means that we should NOT be out Sunday afternoon doing our grochery shopping for the week.

So what if all non-Adventist Christians stop doing unnecessary work on Sundays and stop making unnecessary demands on other people, would that make Adentist “happy”?

No, because Adventist don’t acknowledge that the day changed from the “seventh-day” of the week to the “first-day” of the week.

Why did the day change? Why do Most Christians (Catholics and Non-Catholics) see the Lord’s Day as Sunday and Not Saturday? Simple really Jesus Christ rose from the dead on Sunday.


Yes :clapping:

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