Adventists JW's Mormons and Catholics_ why don't they?


I do not understand what all the theological and ideological arguements are all about. It all seems a waste to me.

In Northern Ireland the two Irish Leaders ****Rev’d Ian Paisely and Gerry Adams have shown they can sit around a table and agree a mandate, so why cannot JW’s Adventist’s, Mormon’s and Catholics sit around a table?

To be completely unbiased, it could be chaired by someone from Orthodoxy to ensure ‘fair play’ by all!

What is wrong with that? Surely sooner or later in the next 1000-years, Adventists and Catholics are going to have to sit down and talk.

Simple. So why don’t they?


Because the line of “a JW, an Adventist, a Mormon and a Catholic were sitting at a table” sounds like a really bad joke.




Im sitting at the table with my catholic friends almost every day, at mine place, at their place, in a cafe, in a restaurant, there is a lot of interaction going on, I also got a lot of jewish and muslim friends. I think some of you people dont live in a real world (or maybe in America everything is fundamematlly different) because the problems we as Christians are facing today on the individual level is much more complex then simply bashing on thiswe are the one and only true church. If Id have that kind of an attitude with my beliefs, I wouldnt have any friends at all. You seriously need to find some balance here. :wink:


I’m not sure what you are proposing. There is a big difference between friends of different faiths sitting and chatting over a cup of coffee and leaders of different faiths sitting down to have a discussion.
Do you really think that they could just talk to each other without some kind of conflict coming up? Unfortunately, wheather you are have seen it or not there are some denominations that are very anti-Catholic in their theology.
This website is a place to come together and hash our some differences, and maybe we take thing a little too personal sometimes, but that’s how we learn from each other.
I have friends of many different faiths also, and yes we manage to hang out and not have any conflicts over religious issues. But that is social. It is easier to let a comment slide or to be understanding of the others views even if you don’t share them.


I proposed a funny. Maybe it doesn’t translate well into your part of the world. But here in the states people get that it’s a funny. I don’t seriously need to find some balance anywhere. It’s OK to laugh and smile. We put holy water in the fonts; not lemon juice.


If you are proposing a meeting of the minds on religion among the groups you mentioned, that cannot happen.
If it happens in the future, it will be because the jws, mormons & adventists have finally accepted the Church Christ Himself began while on earth. They will also have accepted The Holy Trinity.
Only God Himself can open their eyes to His truth.


One quick thing off the top of my head is that JW’s, Adventist’s, Mormon’s, and Catholic’s are not killing each other nor do they have armed militias.

There is another fact, both Rev’d Ian Paisely and Gerry Adams (who is a leader of a political party not a religious group) are both Christians.

Two of the 4 groups you listed are not Christian in nature as they hold beliefs that are contrary to Christianity.


I invited a jw into my rectory once for refreshments and discussion. He would not come in. Must be a first in jw history where they turned down the chance to get in the door. It must have been the look of anticipatory glee on my face and my comment that he would come in a jw and leave a rosary praying Catholic. What a wimp. No guts no glory.


I got one better for you.

A group of three guys came to my door one day, they offered me a copy of their magazine, Guideposts (or something like that).

I said, “No Thank you, I am Catholic.”

The guy looked at me (almost a double take) and said ok and walked away.

I was floored, I was ready for a fight!


Gee, ya think?:smiley:


What makes you think that the Orthodox would be “unbiased” when it comes to JW’s, LDS and Adventists? The Orthodox would have as many issues with those three groups as does the Catholic Church.

I do not understand what all the theological and ideological arguements are all about.

To which the only possible answer is: Obviously.

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