Adverse Reactions Linked To Gardasil

Earlier this year, Judicial Watch, a non-profit watchdog group, listed 21 deaths and 9749 “adverse reactions” linked to Gardasil, including 78 outbreaks of genital warts and 10 miscarriages. Judicial Watch uncovered documents through the Freedom of Information Act that show the FDA received reports of 10 deaths associated with Gardasil since September 2007, and 140 “serious” reports of adverse reactions, including 27 “life threatening” cases, 10 spontaneous abortions, and 6 cases of the debilitating Guillain-Barre Syndrome since January 2008.


This again?

As from our previous discussion of the Judicial Watch claims, the deaths and 'adverse reactions" were not necessarily caused by Gardasil. rather, they simply happened at some point after the vaccination.

Is there any point to this thread, (the news is from November and has already been discussed here) except to remind us that LifeSite doesn’t like Gardasil?

Well, the drug was fastracked so they cannot gurantee that it is safe. No long term studies were followed. When a drug is fast tracked by the FDA there is no legal recourse.

From the trial studies that were done, 17 little girls died. A few others will be on medication for the rest of their lives to control seizures and autoimmune diseases.

Many of my non religious friends are not to happy about this drug either. And they are pro-choice. There are New age wellness doctors (real doctors) out there against it too. It is not just the conservatives who have issue with this.

And as far as Drug Companies go, Merck does not exactly have a stellar record. They lost billions in lawsuits several years back. But with this drug fast tracked they hit the mother lode, it gave them protection, they have regained billions, and are working with the lobbyists.

They would love laws enacted that would require all children to have this vaccine. And I do mean all children.

I am irritated that MERCK filed for approval with the FDA last December to use this drug on little boys.

I receive a weekly newsletter by Dr. Joseph Mercola. One could never call them conservative. He has had some amazing information out in this.

Last month health officials in Spain pulled 75000 Gardasil doses from the market because of the girls who had to be hospitalized.

God only knows what affect this will have on the future generations, the children of the ones given this drug.

Here is a link with the actual reports to over 10,000 reactions. Warning, it is all in medical language but there are quite a few seizures reported too, it is interesting. Some were immediate reactions.

Do you have daughters? Will you have them vaccinated? It is A personal issue I know.


It seems that the issue is not only a chastity issue but a health one also. Until they can say that the genetic loading for ovarian and uterine cancer is cured we will refuse to take the chance of HARMING our girls.

I meant to point out, even though that previously posted link came from a Vaccine Watch group, the reports are not theirs. They came from the** federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System **(VAERS).

I wonder what this will do to the boys. They are testing on boys as young as 9 now. And Merck requested the FDA’s approval to target males from 9 to 26.

The original poster stated that there are 21 deaths associated with the drug. As of today’s date there are 30. That is not including the 17 girls who died during studies, all 16 years of age and under. These reports do not include the deaths overseas either, the numbers are just from the U.S. I hate to even refer to these victims as numbers or stats. They had a face, a story, a family that loved them, and their future was cut short because a Drug company was greedy and spent hundreds of thousands lobbying and had this drug fast tracked.

Did you know that a few of the original researchers working to develop this drug were fired and removed, even having their names removed from the studies because they stated that it was not yet safe, not ready to market?

There are high powered attorneys getting involved now, I can foresee a class action suit against Merck due to the fact that several dropped dead within hours of either their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dose. All had complained of reactions too. Cause of death was either heart failure or stroke.

These were healthy girls. In one fatality a mom found her daughter sprawled on the floor, her head bleeding from falling on a potted plant. But the final report showed she was dead before she hit the floor. After each shot she complained it made her head hurt. Another blood clot.

This drug pushed on our daughters is seen by some Women’s Activist groups as a premeditated act of violence against women.

Don’t forget about the ones who may live but their lives have been drastically altered. Here is Gabrielle’s story if you want to read it:

A portion of her daily symptoms:

**Gabrielle’s condition is progressively getting worse. The symptoms she is currently dealing with on a daily basis are as follows:

Excessive fatigue
Loss of concentration
Difficulty with speaking
Memory loss
Muscle weakness and pain
Joint weakness and pain
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Severe headaches
Severe chest pain
Shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing
Nausea and vomiting
Recurring rash
Tingling and burning in hands and feet
Severe sensation of burning throughout the body
Hair loss
Abdominal pain
Partial paralysis
Partial loss of vision
Seizures daily, non-responsive to medication
Transient Ischemic Attacks, or “mini-strokes”**

The ads that play on the heart strings in my state all have the caption: One Less…the message is to get your daughter(s) vaccinated, make her one less victim of the disease.

But to the mothers who buried their daughters, that message has taken on a whole new meaning. One Less…one less daughter.

There is a petition out to ask President Obama and Congress to investigate the risks of Gardasil now. Here is a link if anyone is interested.

Not sure how much good it will do, But our President’s daughter, little Malia, is ten years old now. Soon she will be eligible for the vaccine. I am signing the Petition and want to ask our President if he would be willing, knowing the possible effects, to risk harming his own child.

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