Advertising vs business management


Hey everyone

            Ive got a question. I'm getting ready to go back to college (Im 23) and I know I want to go into the business field. But I cant decide between getting a business management degree or getting an advertising degree. So I was wondering if anyone here might know about the fields and could tell me the differences and all. Thanks!


If I were you, I’d go with business management. It’s less stressful, you have more control over outcomes (in fact, you’re the boss, actually), and there are more opportunities. Advertising is very competitive, and very stressful, and the outcome is always decided by someone else - you have very little personal control over your own product.

If you wanted to have both worlds, you could become the manager of an advertising agency. :slight_smile:


I agree that business management probably gives you more options down the road. My fiance double majored but business management was one of them and so far he’s worked with finances for a fortune 500 company and now works as a project manager for a major fire protection firm. Business allows you to go many different routes. You could also always take some advertising classes and see if there’s a way to double major or even minor in advertising.


Business management because it is more flexible. Advertising is so specific, and it is totally possible to major in that only to discover you don’t have the stomach for it.


Having worked in advertising for 24 years, I can assure you that there are many people with business degrees who work in the advertising profession. However, with an advertising degree, there are fewer options. I would go with the business mgmt degree so that you have more flexibility.


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