Advice about anxiety attacks

Ok, so I’ve been having problems with anxiety attacks and agoraphobia for the past 2 years. I’ve been working hard and finding I can go more places now, but I have not been able to get to church.

Since I had a very bad attack in church 2 years ago, I am having a terrible time even thinking about going back. Of course, at the time I was also having a lot of issues with the church, so I didn’t place a very high priority on it.

But now I want to go back.

I’m willing to work on it, but I think it’s going to take at least a few weeks to work up to a full Sunday mass. Not to mention going to confession :eek:

Does anyone have any advice? Am I in really bad sin here?


In answer to your last question, no you are not in really big sin here. Are you under a psychologist or psychiatrists care for your anxiety attacks? If so, then tell him/her that you really want to get back to going to Sunday Mass so he/she can help you with your therapy in this.

As for confession, call your local Parish and make an appointment with the Priest so you don’t have to go to confession in a confessional. He will most likely understand your dilemma and help you through it.

Now for Sunday Mass, with the advise of your therapist consider going to Mass on a Weekday, there will be fewer people there and you might be able to cope better.

My prayers are with you.

Brenda V.

  1. Missing Mass for a medical reason is not sinful.

  2. Congratulations to you for working so hard to overcome this obstacle!

  3. You can have communion brought to you on a regular basis until you can get to the church.

  4. You may also have an annointing of the sick for spiritual (and hopefully physical and mental) healing. The priest will come to you if you desire.

  5. You might consider going to some weekday Masses first. And also choosing a smaller church if that will help you feel more comfortable.

  6. You can talk to the priest of the parish you will be attending (in conjunction with the request to have communion brought to you, to have the annointing, and to begin working your way back into the church) and discuss your desires and fears. He can work on ways to make the transition easier. For instance, having confession outside in a garden or in the middle of the church or in his office in order to help you feel at ease.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! And welcome home!

ETA: Looks like Brenda and I were thinking the very same things! :slight_smile:

go see your doctor or seek out one that makes house calls

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