Advice about Sex in Movies for a Scrupulous Catholic


Hi guys
So I can be very scrupulous and I’m aware that this is bad but I really worry about being in mortal sin it freaks me out and I hate being apart from God. But sometimes I’m unsure of where exactly the line is on some things and I hate it. But yeah so
Recently a priest told me in confession that movies that had sex scenes in them could still be worth watching and that I could make an “executive decision” about whether or not to watch it. I know it sounds like this is a priest who was poorly formed or overly liberal or something but he always seemed very solidly orthodox before. Anyway I’m confused about whether I’m in mortal sin I watched Lois and Clark last night and there was a scene where a woman was under a blanket (probably naked) and a man is sitting next to her (their married if that makes a difference). The man lifts up the blanket and looks underneath briefly and then kisses the woman and they both lay on the floor kissing but that’s literally it the scene ended before anything else happened. I mean it’s obvious they probably had sex but the movie didn’t really show it? I’m confused and this is disrupting my peace worrying about whether it was a sin or not. Do you guys think this was grave enough to be a mortal sin??? Or where I could get information about whether it is??? I looked up the definition of pornography in the catechism and it was like SUPER vague so I’m still confused if this counts???


The best advice I can give you is to find a priest you can talk to and trust his guidance. This forum would give you conflicting and confusing answers which would make your scruples worse, not better.


I don’t understand why Hollywood has to even put scenes like that in movies. My very unpopular opinion is that the enemy is subtle and uses this popular medium to sway our thoughts in overt and not so overt ways. Just reading your description of what they were doing was uncomfortable. I don’t really watch tv so I know I’m in he minority but I have no interest in watching things that make me wonder if a woman is naked under that blanket and two actors being amourous in that circumstance.
I agree speak to another priest and pray. I’ll not comment on this anymore. God bless you


Jim Caviezel (the actor who portrayed Jesus in the Passion of the Christ) once was doing a movie with Jennifer Lopez. It was a bedroom scene. She wanted to be completely naked under the sheets. Jim refused. He said I am married and I will not disrespect my wife by doing that and unless you have something on and I have something on we will not do the scene. That took guts.

I am sure there are not many actors who even blink an eye when a scene like that is called for and there is nudity involved.


Are you talking about “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman”? If so, I don’t think you have anything to worry about there (but maybe I’m forgetting a scene). That show was almost G rated compared to the R rated DC Universe shows on the CW today.

God Bless


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