Advice for a coworker


A coworker is pregnant with twins and she is not sure how to bring up her children. My coworker isn’t religious but she wants her children to know religion though. She asked me my opinion if she should baptize her children in the catholic religion or just let them decide their own beliefs as they grow up.

A little background: My coworker was brought up catholic but she doesn’t practice. She said she truley wants to believe in religion but has some doubts that she can’t overcome at this time. One of them is whether god exsists. She said she doesn’t want her children to have the same doubts she has. I didn’t ask her husbands point of view.

I didn’t know what to say and told her I have to think about this. I am just coming back to the church myself.

What is your opinion?


She cannot baptize her children in the Catholic church if she is not practicing and has no intention of doing so.

If I were you, my only advice to her would be to suggest that she contact the local parish priest, make an appointment for herself and her husband to sit down and talk, and go from there.


Oh, that’s good to know! I will give her your suggestion, That was excellent advice, thank you!


your coworker is Catholic and her first duty is to confess and return to the sacraments, and to take care of regularizing her marriage if there is a need. her next is to baptize her children and have them instructed in the faith. She has the further duty to study and explore the elements of the faith herself, especially in the areas where she has doubts or problems. To neglect these duties is to put her immortal soul in jeopardy. Please in your conversations stress welcoming, belonging to the Community established by Christ, and the Divine Mercy.


I would invite her and her children (in the womb is where education in the faith begins) to attend mass with me and then maybe go out for brunch afterward to talk about mass or faith or any other topic. Her returning to the faith will be like a baby learning how to walk, they fall down A LOT, but eventually, they catch on and finally get it. Putting the pressure on for her to walk perfectly in the faith may cause her to give up. For herself and her children, she is already expressing interest even in her unbelief, gently walk with her and support her however you can (I have a cousin who I’m helping go through this same process, even though she isn’t pregnant).


Parents often strive to give their children what they neglect for themselves. If she wants religion for her children, then she knows it is good and wants it for herself too. You co-worker could work through her own doubts by practicing the Catholic faith–and then she could share her faith with her children. Parenthood often inspires people to do better for the sake of their children.

Invite your co-woker to church with you. Lent and Easter are great seasons to return to the Church. A good confession with a good confessor would probably help remove her doubts. (You might remind her to confess she hasn’t been practing her Catholic faith before she recieves Communion.) She probably hasn’t celebrated Divine Mercy Sunday–and many parishes combine Divine Mercy celebrations with confession and Mass.


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