Advice for an interracial marriage?


I’m a white Catholic man that’s going to marry a black Catholic (convert) woman. Both of our families come from cultures where marrying into another culture is not the norm and soon we will be bringing up the topic of marriage to them. They don’t know we’re dating. What are the best ways to make this work?


A good first step would be to tell them you two are dating. Why haven’t you told them yet?

A good time to let someone know something that they might not want to hear is after a big fine meal and a couple of drinks.


Like 1Lord1Faith said, get them used to the idea. Surprises are bad.

There are certain things you can say, (“Mom, I’m really serious about Suzie”) that can plant the idea that Suzie is around to stay.

Don’t expect everybody to love each other instantly. It happens, but some in-law relationships are like stew meat–they take a long time to soften up.


I read somewhere that marriages made up as yours will be have the lowest divorce rates! I need to google and find that report.

Are there any mixed marriages in the extended family or are you guys the “trailblazers!”


Hi Amorf, I would suggest that you absolutely tell them you are dating. I suspect they already know.

Give them LOTS of opportunity to get to know you (and vice versa). Be forthcoming and tell them how much you love their daughter. Give them reason to trust you.

Good luck! <3



I agree. Telling your family that you’re going to marry someone you’ve never bothered to tell them you are dating is suspicious to say the least. They will wonder what you are hiding. Do you have reason to believe that your family would be against an inter-racial marriage? Have they made comments to that effect before?


Does this mean both your families hold racist views?


If things get really bad, show them in Scripture how God handled racism when the children of Israel started talking smack about Moses’ black wife :slight_smile:


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