Advice for burned out Catholics

Wow. It seems like you’re dealing with a lot. I’m really sorry you feel so burned out. Try to take solace in the fact that Christ sees all of your efforts and truly appreciates them.
I mean this quote in all sincerity (as much can be expressed through an online post) but St. Padre Pio wraps it all in a nice bow with: “Pray, hope, and don’t worry. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.”
From my own humble experience, when my spiritual stamina diminishes, I try to pray shorter prayers and try to apologize to Christ for becoming so exhausted. But I really think He sees and truly appreciates ALL of your efforts, especially when you are exhausted.

You are in my prayers, my sibling in Christ. :gopray:

Just a small thought about the “more than one church to get to” issue, maybe it’ll help. I find that I easily get weary of having lots of places to go, things to do. I really love Mass once I get there - it’s just the getting there! :rolleyes: I’m an introvert and a homebody. Sometimes I just plain don’t want to have to get out and go somewhere! My energy level isn’t what it used to be, either. And the details - figuring out what to wear, knowing I’m going to have to stop at whatever time, eat enough to sustain my blood sugar yet not eat it too close to the Eucharistic fast parameters, get ready, don’t forget anything I need in my purse, my missal that I take, etc., get in the car, drive, find a place to park, etc. I’m a hot weather wimp too - gotta park in the SHADE or else. :o So need to plan to get there early before the shady spots are all taken. Details and more details.

So I try to do what I can in terms of planning ahead on some of this which helps. Maybe that could help you and your kids. I’m glad it’s only me to deal with - I’d probably be a she-bear if I had kids to herd . . . :bigyikes:

Actually I try to plan all week my Saturday and Sunday.

This Saturday I’m going to the movies with my father and my second eldest brother and then to confession and maybe vigil Mass with my toddlers and Sunday in the late afternoon Latin Mass with my wife and two eldest children.

The rest of the week I work nights and sleep and then help take care of the children and do house chores.

Tomorrow I have to run errands then go out of town to take my second eldest daughter to get a physical.

Life is just busy for me.:stuck_out_tongue:

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