Advice for developing spirituality (a certain path?)

Hello, I just wanted to reach out to anyone that may have had similar experiences and have travelled further down this road.

I am growing in my faith and have started to feel a growing of my spirituality. This is taking the form of crying upon thinking about the love of God and Our Lady. For instance, I recently heard the story of Our Lady of La Salette and kept bursting into tears at the thought of her being so grieved. I have just done a rosary and wept the whole way through as I was overwhelmed by the love I could feel from Our Lady and St Joseph during the events of the joyful mysteries. At times it is almost as if I am really there witnessing the Gospels, albeit as a shadow in the background.

I recently also had a strong dream about being part of an exorcism and fighting for God with prayer and was overwhelmed with emotion as my heart felt the support of Our Lady in the battle. Since I’ve been young I’ve also had a lot moments where I’ve felt demonic presences etc. (Just in my mind?)

I was wandering if others have had similar experiences and how this might develop?

I know that only God can reveal His plans to me in His proper time, but I would greatly appreciate any input from fellow friends of Christ.


It is difficult for a person to discern for himself what Spirit is acting on the soul.

For your situation I would speak to a priest & humbly follow his advice.

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I have known people who have a “gift of tears”. One woman would cry gently during the consecration at mass. She became a convert from an experience with the blessed sacrament. She had been a Buddhist all her life.
It would help you to have a holy, experienced priest for a spiritual director.

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Yes, the most important thing you can do is get a good spiritual director, a priest or perhaps a monk if there is a monastery in your vicinity.

I can only advise that you keep up your courage and
quest for God. Prayers for you, dear friend.

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