Advice for kicking masturbation

Since I was probably about 13 I’ve known masturbation is wrong. I’ve never put my hands down there so to speak because I knew that was wrong. My problem is while I was young I found that just the friction of my boxers from moving around in bed was enough to get me off (Sorry for being graphic). I’ve always struggled to avoid stimulation and such but despite my best efforts it seems my body’s addiction to ejaculation has caused it to be almost unavoidable for me when I go to bed when my body has a lot of “sexual tension.” This happens usually a few times a week. I’m in college now and I really want to stop it for good but it seems near impossible. Any advice or if anyone has gone through something similar and wants to share some tips that would be very much appreciated.

Keep yourself busy with other things, avoid idle time as much as you can. Stay away from near occasions of sin (like any specific websites). Get web filters, get someone to make sure you are not going on them, use the internet in a semi public place, etc Also if impure thoughts are a problem don’t just try to not think about it, because it probably won’t work. Instead focus on a morally neutral or morally good thing.

Kicking masturbation? Sound very painful. Thank you for not posting any videos.

Confession- often as needed.

Holy Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet- daily

Holy Eucharist- often as needed

Pray when tempted

especially to St. Joseph and the Holy Virgin

Other prayers:

“Precious Blood of Jesus, wash over me”.

Focus on another thing. Focus on any fun, good thing you want. You’re alive! You’re free! I don’t know you, but you might be thinking about this too much. Let’s say you have a garden in your backyard with two plants growing in it. One is a cucumber bush and the other is a weed. You have a very limited amount of water. Which plant do you water? To apply this scenario to your life: the garden represents your mind, the bush represents any fun, good thing you want to do; the weed represents masturbation; and the water represents your time.

One friend once told me when feeling tempted take a nap until the feeling goes away

What you describe sounds more along the lines of “nocturnal emissions” than masturbation. :shrug:

I also would think of how I was hurting God by doing it. Pray when the urge strikes!

This has worked effectively for me.

Here is a list of things that have helped me overcome masturbation although that doesn’t mean the temptations cease to exist.

  1. Pray and ask God for help (but don’t just sit there and leave it at that).

  2. Go to an area where people can see you (if possible). DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF if you are feeling tempted.

  3. Listen to music, or an audiobook, or something where you intently can focus on the words or pattern.

  4. Watch videos on

  5. Remember that sexuality is about giving yourself to another person… when you masturbate, you aren’t giving yourself to anyone–and if you intend to get married, you are refusing to wait to give yourself to your spouse in the marital act.

  6. Before I go to bed, I tape my hands with duct tape because sometimes I have woken up masturbating. So you might also consider taping your hand.

Those are all things that have helped me.

Not the kind of humor needed right now. Please understand that a lot of people come on here with legitimate intentions seeking advice.

The first thing you need to do is talk to a priest/confessor and find out when and if masturbation is a mortal sin in your case.

What you need to do to get rid of this is pray the rosary daily, try and get to daily Mass, go to bed early and don’t lay around bed all morning.


Can’t emphasize it enough! The rosary delivered me from habitual masturbation. Our Lady is willing to help anyone who calls upon her. I’m telling you man, if you pray the rosary and stay close to Our Lady, the devil will have a much much much more difficult time trying to get you to fall into impurity. I’m 18 now. I started seriously living my faith a bit before I turned 17. Rosary Rosary Rosary!!! It takes 15-20 minutes, pray it everyday, pray the entire rosary 2-3 times everyday. It sounds like a lot but believe me it really is not as strenuous as it sounds. You have more time to pray than you think you do!!!

When tempted, IMMEDIATELY, pray the following, either in your head or out loud (better out loud), "Precious Blood of Jesus wash over me, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Guardian Angel, St. Maria Goretti and Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, help me to be pure."

I would caution the “closertotruth” website. But everything else you stated is great advice:thumbsup: I want to add also, when waking up in the morning, get out of the bed immediately, do not wait!!!

See if you can find a Catholic Urologist, or at least one who will be sympathetic to your issue. There is a desensitizing cream that used to be available over the counter. I still would talk to a doctor. You might be able to google this. I would think one application at bedtime might work out for you. Again, you need to talk with a doctor. You also might want to run this by a priest, if you have not already.

Another thing to do that helps is sleeping on the floor.

Good advice -

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