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My husband and I are thinking of moving to the state where I grew up and where all my family is at. We have two children under 2 and I am working a good job while my husband finishes up school. We would both like him to find a job though so I can stay home with the kids. We thought it would be nice to be near family so we have help when a 3rd baby comes but are overwhelmed with the possibility of moving 1000 mi with 2 little ones with no job and no place to live. We don’t have much money so he (or I if he can’t find anything) would need to get a job right away, but obviously there are no guarantees. I also don’t know how it works when you move to a new place without a job and the apartment complex wants proof of income? There is also the issue of health insurance. I don’t feel comfortable going without with 2 young kids. Using COBRA after I quit my job would cost us $1100 a month which we can’t afford if we can’t find a job right away. I haven’t looked into the affordability of private insurance yet, but it is probably not much different. Help!! I don’t know if it is prudent to be even considering this. I have moved before with no job lined up before, but now I have an family to think about. Any advice?


I read your post because I thought I went through something similar in the past year, when in fact I did the opposite. We have moved out of state and away from family (only for a year though) with two small children. We did so for my husband’s job and his company has provided everything for us.

Being away from my home and family, I can understand wanting to be closer. However you are correct in considering things like where to live, employment and insurance, especially with kids. Even though the economy is slowly rebounding, this isn’t the time to up and move (I guess I’m assuming you are in the States, but I hear times are a little rough everywhere). I guess it depends on what career your husband is going into, too.

I’m sure others can offer better ideas and advice but here are my thoughts (and I hope I didn’t miss something in your post). Have your husband get a job before you move. An amazing amount of job searching can be done online and over the phone. Use your family to help look into areas to live, so you’ll be prepared to look when your husband does get a job.


With your family to consider, I would never just relocate without finding employment first.

As the previous poster mentioned, a lot of job searching can be done remotely. In addition, I am not sure what field you or your husband are in, but sometimes if you are called for an interview, the employer will pay to fly you out and pay for a hotel room. We do this often in my office, if a candidate looks very impressive on paper, and does well in phone screenings.

Also, when you are offered a position, some organizations will pay for some of your relocation costs.


I am doing something similar, Moving from NY to MN which is 1000 miles (18 hours in ideal conditions), except we are staying with my in laws until my husband can be placed (works security at same company, but they need to see him face to face and he has to complete the states licensing before he can be placed and thus receive a paycheck). We are moving back to be close to family and so I can take the bar exam in the state I would like to stay in for a while. We initially moved to NY for my school.

It’s a little stressful, I graduate tomorrow and then we are moving on Tuesday. I have been pack things for a while. We are using ABF U-pack, where you load all your stuff up in a cube and then the company picks it up and moves it (much cheaper than a truck). We are also staying with family (in WI) on the way. We were going to stop in Detroit to visit other family also, but decided that it added to much onto our trip and with 2 little kids (2 and 5 months) it would just be too difficult to to add that many miles to the trip.

My Dad is flying in to help us move and drive one of the vehicles (we have 2 as we outgrew our 2 door chevy cavelier while here in NY, but never got rid of it and now find that its excellent gas millage makes for a good commuter car, while the van makes for a nice family car).


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